Maze of the Gemini Sign – Zodiac Mazes

Gemini Maze Art

Gemini Maze | Find Maze’s Solution Path HERE

Astrology for many is the meaning of life; it is the searching of truth and destiny in the stars and in the sky and for others it is just a bit of fun to read a horoscope and see if what is predicted actually will happen. Many educated people use their horoscopes that are read on a daily or weekly level to help them decide what to do every day, how to act each day and what decisions to make. When playing at an online casino, the player can also refer to his horoscope to see what the stars have in store for him, whether it is a lucky day to play or a day to avoid certain games. The starts will be able to advise a player which games he should concentrate on and which games he should avoid, whether he should be playing for fun or whether he should be playing for real money. Of course referring to the stars and the zodiac signs will not guarantee a player a win but it will help him make decisions that he otherwise would not have been able to make or may have been nervous to make. There are definite advantages to reading the stars and working out for oneself the best way to use the information given.

Capricorn Maze


Maze of the Capricorn in the Golden Sky – Maze Solution here


Fantastic maze by Japanese samurai artist, Yanito Freminoshi. The maze is of the zodiac sign of Capricorn, with an interesting twist pattern under the psychedelic stellar maze. The maze artwork is available to anyone who wants to print it or post on your website.


Cat Maze And Memes


Maze of the Cat Symbol | Maze Solution HERE

Maze of The Cat Symbol – With awesome op art style patterns used in the composition of this artwork that just reminds you of you cute critter.

i-can-haz-one-more-cat-memeNext time that one of your friends says that she is bored, you need to look at her like she is crazy. How can you be bored in this day and age when there are so many great ways to take care of yourself and to keep yourself busy? It’s really amazing when you think about it today to know just how many ways there are to have fun. You can have fun with mazes by curling up in your bed and trying to solve one or two of these. You can have fun with word jumbles and with word finds and try to get through the page and see if you can solve each and every one of the questions. And you can have fun with the online casino. Play a great game that you will enjoy like roulette, slots, blackjack and many others. You’ll never be bored when you have another online casino game coming your way. And the best thing about all of these activities is that you can do them in the house, curled up by the fire or while sipping some great wine or coffee; or you can do these activities on the go with your ipad. You’ll find that you can get word jumbles, word finds, crossword puzzles and more on your ipad. And you can always access the ipad casino, of course, and play awesome games while you’re on the go. No one said that you are only bored at home. It’s possible to be bored on the go to. But with crossword puzzles and online casino games, you can say goodbye to being bored and have a great time both in the house and out and about. All of this adds up to a blast for you when you want to play. And you can explain this to your friends who say that they are bored.

Surprised Cat Meme – Cartoon kitten with surprised look with the cat asking” You really don’t know why I purrr?  – as it is, humans don’t know how or why cat’s purr, followed by the pun, “You must be KITTEN me!” – in which kitten is substituted for “kidding”

Want to make your own cat meme? Find the Surprised Cat Meme TEMPLATE here and see what wacky memes you can come up with.


All cat owners are familiar with the comforting feeling of their cat mimicking the gentle rumble of a well tuned Honda engine; but scientists have still not figured out how, or why they purr. Perhaps we’ll never know.

Cat Memes are GREAT! ANOTHER!


MEME of the Surprised cat shocked about a thermometer going somewhere….

Want to make your own MEME of Surprised Kitten, Here is a blank version for you to play around with, and please, don’t be shy, make as many as you want.


And now, the Maze Solution for Cat Symbol Maze


Scared Cat Maze


Maze of Frightened Cat | Maze Solution Here


A prime number is a number that can only be divided by itself. In other words, unlike most composite numbers, the only thing you can multiply to get a prime number is the number one and that very number. Take the number twelve. To get to twelve, you can multiply two and six. You can also multiple three and four. But to get to thirteen, you can only multiply thirteen itself and the number one. This has many consequences in the world of mathematics. But it also might have meaning to the world of gaming, and doing mazes, and playing online roulette. After all, what is a maze beyond a series of mathematically based choices. What would happen if you restricted your choices to those based on a prime number? How about roulette. In roulette, you have the option of picking any of thirty-six numbered squares. What would happen if you only picked squares that had prime number attached to them? Would this increase your chances or undermine them? There are two schools of thought really. One school of thought says that since the prime numbers cannot be derived from any other number, in the long run you would be better off using prime numbers exclusively in gaming. The other takes the opposite view and recommends actually avoiding prime numbers all the time. The theory being that since there are less prime numbers, you will have a better chance of success with composite numbers. But there is no complete agreement on this among gamers. So you should really experiment with both methods and see what works best for you. The other thing you should try is solving a maze before playing roulette. Solving mazes puts your mind in the right mood to play at your very best in games of chance like roulette. When you re able to solve a difficult maze, you are usually ready to play a few rounds of roulette with complete concentration and no distractions. There are many mazes to choose from and with the internet, you really have a huge selection to choose from. If they are too difficult, the answers are always posted somewhere online so that can help also. Even if you don’t solve the maze, working it through will provide you with a great burst of mental energy that you can rely on when you turn to the game of roulette.