About Us

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About Us

Our Mission

To lead the market in the online gaming tips and topics of interest to gamers, as measured by number of members and member satisfaction.

This comprehensive information about the company’s goals and operations is posted so, publicly, for your intellectual enrichment.

Our Purpose

To provide awesome, entertainting experiences to real people who gamble because they enjoy it, by providing opportunities to them to play the games they love safely, always remembering the importance of a fair, fun, regulated & secure environment. To allow our staff, interns, volunteers, our shareholders and most importantly our patrons to prosper, while permitting our organization to thrive.

Our Brands

JackWildBet.com: Since the official launch in 2013, people from all over the world have experienced our gaming action and thrilling excitement, making it the coolest, fresh online gamer venue for mastering the secrets of online casino games.

JackWildBet Mobile: The fastest growing mobile gaming brand advisor in the world of games for real booty, loot, cabbage, dinero, moolah, in short — money. We host and inform real enthusiasts of slots, roulette, adventure and more, across the world over at any given moment, day or night.

The Jack Wild Bet Group

The Jack Wild Bet (JWB) Group is headquartered in a secured facility and owns two pairs of extra socks and a spare set of dice, the ruling authority that runs and governs JackWildBet.com. JWP Group’s flagship brand, which is this website, is administered beyond the confinement of the rules and regulations of actual casino operators, and is therefore free to advise as it chooses, for the benefit of players who wish to become better at the games they enjoy the most.

In order to protect the liberty of independent thought and freedom of expression, We, the people and organization of JWB, have, to date, flat out refused offers to submit to Governments and membership organizations, or associations, be they in Gibraltar, the Isle of Mann, the Caribbean Islands, or anywhere else.

Our Customer Support Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via this web site. We offer assistance in 38 different languages by email, phone, live online chat and fax. The JWB Group has other offices around the block and employs more than 21 full time staff members.

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