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A great way to start your day is to make sure that both your body and your mind are on top form. This can be achieved by eating a healthy breakfast and enjoying an aerobic workout. Keeping your mind sharp is no less important and many people have spoken about the benefits of doing a crossword puzzle or a maze to get their mental wheels rolling. After your body is awake and at its sharpest it is a good idea to relax and spend a little time gaming directly from your home computer or laptop. A great game to enjoy is the game of online roulette. Although this game is largely based on an element of luck, the player can influence the result of the game to a certain extent. Playing roulette whilst focusing on prime numbers is a great mathematical challenge. On the one hand you must calculate which of the numbers are prime numbers and fall into your category and on the other hand it helps you have some wagering focus so that you do not just pick a lot of random numbers. Playing using prime numbers does not necessarily ensure that you will have a successful gaming session every time, it does ensure however that every gaming session will be challenging and enjoyable and a really great way to start your day.